Opening message

Our Ceramic Art Centre's exhibit of "Noriko Pon: earth travels - darkness, marsh, light" presents the work of the potter Noriko Pon, pen-name of Noriko Suzuki, and who recently opened the kiln Miyano-Pon in Tokachi's town of Shozu.

Noriko Pon, a former student of Moto Kato's Miyano kiln, in the pottery town of Seto in Aichi, spent 10 years in Mexico after which, returning to Japan, she opened kilns in Ishigaki (Okinawa), Yubari (Hokkaido), and Shozu, developing her work further in each place.

There are various styles and forms of pottery but Noriko Pon's is hard to categorize.This exhibition introduces the essence of Noriko Pon's work, which describes the inner state of humanity, with its joys and sadnesses and fears.

The two types of work on exhibit will hopefully provide visitors with an enjoyable journey through the lands which influenced her work. On one hand, there are the seemingly unreal pieces, which reflect Noriko Pon's struggles to understand the indigenous culture of Mexico. On the other, there are the massive slab pieces and murals, which reflect the influence of Hokkaido's natural features.

In 1995 our city also exhibited her "Woodland Concert", a collection of dolls based on woodland animal images. The present exhibit hopefully continues the enjoyment that was then expressed with Noriko Pon's work.

Finally, our heartfelt gratitude to both the Miyano kiln and the Mexico MOA College of Arts, without whose help this exhibit could not have taken place.

October 2000
Ebetsu Ceramic Art Centre