Bunkasai & The 2 Kims

At the Bunkasai Festival


When early this September one of the homeroom teachers asked me and my computer-savvy to help out in his class' Bunkasai (Cultural Festival) presentation -- a mosaic of the 2 Korean presidents holding hands, to be made out of used drink packs -- I was very happy for the chance to be a part of the school. Little did I know then what Mr Uemura, 3Azusa, and I had gotten ourselves into!


The original image

Final touches

Hanging the mosaic from the 4th floor


The short story is that we ended up with a stunning and massive 4 x 8 metre poster that won first prize at Bunkasai and got a write-up plus photo in a major newspaper. The long story is about:

And at the post-Bunkasai celebrating and unwinding party, talk of bigger and greater things next year. Oh no!!!


About our poster, in the Chunichi newspaper