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skripts 2.0

  "Your software is brilliant! I love well written stuff. My wife does the artwork for some flashcards, and I uploaded everything and printed a bingo card out in less than 2 minutes from opening your software. VERY user friendly. Directions not needed."
Aaron Anderson,



"I enjoy skripts a lot... There is nothing like your software on the Japanese market! Japanese English teachers are sorely needing aids and materials for their classes!"

  "Personally I think 1500 yen is too little for your software! haha! ... your software is perfect for our style of teaching kids (and even adults!). So even if we had to pay 3000Yen, it would still be very reasonable for us."
Thian Wong


Use your own jpg/gif images or text to make bingo cards... and more!

Works with any Windows computer.

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Pricing & payment methods


(1) BANK TRANSFER (Japan only)**
¥1575 yen for single-user license
¥3150 for 2-3 user license
Please email for bank account information


¥2150 for single user license
¥3650 for 2-3 user license

** Software is sent as an email attachment within 1-business day of payment's confirmation.

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